Asphalt road installation and maintenance

Virginia Beach Asphalt Paving Contractors works with local government agencies, business owners, homeowners associations, and residential property owners to pave safe, smooth asphalt roads. Asphalt is an economical material to make roads with. It holds up for decades, requires minimal maintenance, and is one of the most common large-scale paving materials.

Asphalt is great for roads because of its color. Because asphalt is black, it helps prevent eye strain, melts ice and snow faster, evaporates rain quicker, and offers better contrast to line striping. Asphalt withstands heavy loads and high volumes of traffic for years. When the surface starts to show wear and tear, it can be patched and repaired, or resurfaced to extend its life. The flexibility that asphalt allows and its affordability makes it a top choice for residential, commercial, industrial and government applications.

Private and public road paving

If you have an existing paved road and need it maintained, or want to install a new road, call us for a free quote. Our experienced paving contractors can take care of all your paving needs! We offer start-to-finish road paving services.

  • New road construction
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Replacing asphalt surfaces
  • Concrete and asphalt sidewalks
  • Pothole repair
  • Crackfilling
  • Line striping

We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with the final result. Unless our clients are happy, we don’t consider the job done. Asphalt roads are essential for getting place to place quickly and comfortably. Our local Virginia Beach contractors take pride in maintaining these essential roadways, and installing new roads and private lanes you can take pride in.

Road repairs extend the life of your road

When asphalt roads need repair, it’s important to patch them soon rather than later. The longer a pothole or crack exists, the more chance it has of widening from cars driving over it, and crumbling due to the pressure, and allowing water to seep into the sub base of your foundation. Water that infiltrates the foundational layers can cause erosion and potholes. During freeze-thaw cycles, trapped water expands, causes damage to the asphalt, and then melts and contracts, leaving behind stressed or broken asphalt.

This is why we recommend crackfilling and patching potholes as quickly as possible. Our high-quality crackfilling materials, reliable asphalt repairs, and excellent cutting and patching of potholes will restore the smooth surface of your road. These repairs also help prevent extensive, and costly, damage from happening to your road down the line.

If you’re ready for a free quote or consultation today, give us a call. We look forward to discussing your project and helping provide an upfront estimate and our best recommendations after the assessment. Call us at 757-367-8639 or email us using the form. Either way, we will be in touch soon to set up a time for your appointment.